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“Kim Sperling is a truly gifted acupuncturist and healer, always seeming to sense just what you need. Although I was drawn to Kim for a foot issue, I can’t wait for my regular appointments that realign my body, mind and spirit. A rare calm gift in a frantic and crazy world.” ~B.R.

“Seeing Kim relieves the pent up pressure that I hold in my spirit. I am able to deeply and let go.” ~K.B.

“What Kim Sperling did for me was extraordinary. After leaving her studio, I felt a level of serenity that I hadn’t had in at least three years. It almost felt like the sadness was not allowed to surface or I simply didn’t care. Thank you, for your compassion and gift.” ~S.W.

“I started working with Kim about a year ago out of curiosity. I enjoyed the first session so much that we started working together on a regular basis. The changes that have taken place in the past year are remarkable. I’m in such a better place and attribute Kim’s work to a large part of my progress and healing. I would go see Kim every week if I could.” ~K.G.

“Kim Sperling is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. The first few weeks of acupuncture significantly improved the pain I was experiencing in my joints. When I was later diagnosed with cancer and became aware of its effects along with the effects of chemotherapy, we began the energy balancing and have minimized the discomforts from both the cancers and the chemo. Kim’s sincere positivity and incredible ability to understand human emotions are contagious.” ~B.L.

“Shen Wellness lets me breathe and be open to positive changes, and that has helped me keep evolving and giving back to others along my journey with great gratitude. Kim’s very special gifts are so many in helping me and others create space to open ourselves up to what truly makes us truly happy and fulfilled.” ~K.D.

“When someone asks me what I do to stay well, emotionally, physically, spiritually, or how I make it through life daily, without a doubt I tell them about Kim. If they tell me they are experiencing any kind of malady, or just feel stuck, dismayed with life, caught in a loop, experiencing struggle of any kind, my first suggestion is that they see Kim. 


As soon as I walk in the door to the studio I feel a sense of ease; a palpable wave of calm washes over me. Kim’s concern is the whole person: the health of the body, mind and spirit. Her ability to intuit the connection of what may be ailing me physically or emotionally to the greater expansiveness of my divine purpose is nothing short of divine.” ~S.D.

“I initially went to see Kim for some elbow issues, which she helped to resolve. What has kept me coming over the last three years is the whole experience at Shen Wellness. The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing, and Kim treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. From the moment you walk in and throughout the treatment Kim shows great compassion and caring. She stays with me during the treatment and helps me to focus my thoughts to healing using visualization techniques. She helps me on both a physical and spiritual level.” ~P.P.

“Dr. Sperling is one of those rare people who cares deeply about each and every patient. She is a highly skilled and ethical practitioner of Chinese medicine, and a truly gifted intuitive healer who works in concert with you, to empower you and to create greater balance of body, mind, and spirit. I feel very grateful to have a very special person like her in my life.” ~V.B.

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