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Acupuncture is the foundation of my work, but I also draw on adjunctive therapies as needed to provide additional relief and comfort, and to help patients heal faster. All of these modalities help restore balance in the body.


Used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, herbs offer a complete healing system. A combination of roots, bark, flowers and fruits taken in capsule form or made into a tea.


A simple way to move qi and blood to relieve pain, tightness and muscular discomfort. Using an instrument that looks like a Chinese soup spoon, pressure is applied to the skin to release stagnation in the tissues.


Moxa is made from rolled dried mugwort and lit for a warming effect. Moved with intention over the body, moxa increases circulation while warming, tonifying and strengthening the qi.


A nutritious whole foods diet improves our overall health, but food can also be used as medicine. With energetic properties that impact different systems in the body, food has the capacity to warm, cool, strengthen and balance.


Heated glass cups create a vacuum that helps stimulate circulation. Cupping can be used for a range of conditions including chronic pain and digestive and respiratory symptoms.


A natural remedy for stress and anxiety, breathwork encourages the muscles to relax while improving blood flow and circulation. A simple but powerful way to calm the body and quiet our daily thoughts.


Used with breathwork, guided visualization improves self-awareness and helps patients focus in the present moment. The body holds patterns and memories, and reconnecting with ourselves can prompt deep healing.


An ancient Chinese massage technique used adjunctively with acupuncture to improve the flow of qi throughout the body.


A completely needleless session using a combination of stones, essential oils, relaxation techniques, hands-on energy work and acupressure. Techniques are carefully chosen for a relaxing, rejuvenating session.

With the exception of the needleless Energy Balancing, all modalities are used adjunctively with acupuncture, as appropriate, as part of your customized treatment.

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