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With so much going on in the world, I want to make sure you and your health are well supported. I have started offering virtual sessions, so I can continue to provide one-on-one care for my patients. 

Using the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we will check in on your emotional and physical wellbeing. I can work with you to create a custom herbal protocol as well as give you guidance on nutrition and supplements. Most important, the sessions provide an opportunity for a moment of meditation and centering.



Anxiety and stress
Supporting your immune system
Overall emotional wellbeing
Respiratory Health
Sleep issues
Digestive Health
Women's Health
Physical pain


I want these sessions to truly support you, so we will customize your session to suit your needs. We will check in on your current emotional and physical symptoms. Other tools we may use during your session are guided acupressure, nutrition and herbal consultation, lifestyle, and self-care recommendations that are supportive at this time. 


All follow ups from sessions will be customized to your needs as well. This could include scheduling a follow-up, herb recommendations, and sending written wellness and supplement recommendations to you after the session, if needed. I can arrange a no-contact herbal formula pick up or drop ship herbs to you. 

Virtual sessions are one more way I will continue to support patients. Even when the studio opens again, I am happy to continue to see you in person or online.


  • Schedule your appointment by contacting the studio.

  • Download Zoom on to your computer or phone prior to your consultation. There is no cost to you to download and use for our sessions.

  • The evening before your scheduled appointment, I will email you a link to our Zoom session with a password. Please log in five minutes prior to our start time so you are familiar with the technology and can get settled in.

  • If you need more guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

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